About Us

Our operations are based in Levi, Lapland, Finland. Jukka Rissanen, a native of Lapland, serves as the founder and guide of Arctikiller.

He has been operating a winter travel business Juki Tours in Levi since 2019. For the less hectic periods outside of the bustling winter tourism season, he created a business driven by his own passion.

“The idea of Arctikiller is to make tailored expeditions with a distinctive hunting and fishing style. We keep the operation small and accommodate only a few guests yearly.

Regarding our fishing trips, my aim is to provide the best fishing that Finnish Lapland has to offer. We do have some of the world’s largest grayling here.

I am an avid fly fisher. As a grayling fly fisher I am quite experienced. The first grayling fly fishing I did in Lapland was in the 1990’s. My favorite fishing spots are in Käsivarsi Lapland, as there are the best grayling waters in Finland.

In Finland, hunting often involves large groups, numerous vehicles and dogs with GPS trackers. I prefer to do it in Steven Rinella-style.

As a hunter, I’m relatively new at 39 years old. I didn’t have the chance to learn hunting while growing up, so I’ve been gaining this skill as an adult through a lot of hard work.”

– Jukka