Grouse hunting in Lapland

We offer guided grouse hunting near Levi village in Finland. The western capercaillie (Tetrao urogallus), the willow grouse or willow ptarmigan (Lagopus lagopus) and the black grouse (Lyrurus tetrix) are the possible game to hunt. In recent years, the populations of these birds in Lapland have been on the rise. As of 2023, the bird population is notably better than the average.

Hunting techniques for grouse hunting

The technique for hunting these birds involves walking or skiing through bogs, forests, and hills to locate the birds perched on trees.

Hunting scene in Lapland, Finland

This method of hunting requires effort and isn’t extremely efficient, but the reward comes when you spot a group of birds sitting atop trees 300 meters away and start approaching them.

Another approach involves using decoys for black grouse and using sound calls to attract them nearby. This tactic is employed during the early hours of dawn.

“Although many people use a dog and shotgun for grouse hunting, I prefer to use a rifle and my skills.” -Jukka


Grouse hunting is done in state-owned areas. The natural environment in the Levi area mainly comprises forests, bogs, and small hills.

Our grouse hunting lands include the rugged Pulju wilderness area, where nature remains untouched. Pulju wilderness, located in the northern border of Kittilä municipality is likely to be your hunting location.

Bogs are a type of wetland that is drier than marshes and swamps, and Lapland has a lot of them.

Grouse hunting season

Grouse hunting Finland winter

The season starts on the 10th of September. While September offers a mild climate and vibrant fall foliage, October brings the possibility of a snowy ground. A light layer of snow makes animal tracks more visible and walking remains easy.

As the snow deepens in November, skiing becomes necessary for movement. During this period, bogs freeze, making it easier to move around. November remains a good time for hunting in Finnish Lapland.

No matter which month you choose, each has its own distinct charm.

Learn more about Lapland’s weather on the FAQ page.


You’ll be staying in either a cabin or a comfortable apartment close to the hunting area in Levi village.

For those seeking a more adventurous hunt, spending a night outdoors in a tent is also an option.

Everything you need for your hunting holiday in Lapland is included, except for the flight tickets to Kittilä airport, which you need to arrange yourself. Levi village is located 20 minutes drive from Kittilä airport.

Customized hunting holiday for you

Our guided bird hunting is always tailored to your needs. It all depends on the season you come, the amount of time you have, and the weather conditions. Also your physical condition is important. We hope you are able to move and walk around outdoors throughout the day. Our hunting trips are designed for individuals or pairs.

If you’re interested, you can send an email or call Jukka to inquire about the trips, and together we can plan your hunting adventure in the Lapland wilderness.

For practical information and license details, read the FAQ page.